Thursday, March 13, 2008

O.R.B.Co Giveaway is on and what I've been up to...

I made a new quilt for my son's teacher. She just had a baby boy on the 5th. It is batting sandwiched in between 2 pieces of flannel and then I added a fringe. I like how it turned out and it will be extra warm!

And I have been slowly working on my "Funky" Quilt. I figure slow and steady wins the race-- right?

As for my sibling weekend. Our drive down to Indianapolis was slow going. It took 12 hours rather than 9 and we saw 22 cars in the ditch (within 10 miles!).

Then, to add to that my sister (the oldest) left her purse at a McDonalds. We had left and driven 25 miles before she realized it and that added an hour! Luckily, her purse was still there with everything in it!

The weekend was relaxing. We didn't have to think about any meals. My sister-in-law graciously took care of all that for us. We had tacos and enchiladas, breakfast buffet, one meal out and steak and lobster our last night. Our first night there we all attempted to play "Guitar Hero". That was interesting to say the least! I happily could score as high as my brothers (it wasn't too high:) but my sisters struggled. There was one major disagreement which I think got blown out of proportion because it happened after we all went wine tasting. But all is forgiven now.

I think we plan on trying to do this every or every other year. I think it will keep us grounded and remind us how lucky we are to have all six of us!

(hint: I am the youngest)

I especially enjoyed this weekend because NEVER in my whole life have I gone on a trip with all my brothers and sisters. I was born 13 years after the youngest before me and they were all born within 10 years. My Dad was in the Navy when they were growing up so they moved around a lot. I lived in the same town during the majority of my childhood. I always say I was an only child with siblings :)


Dana said...

lovely project your working on. can I have it? :)

Melissa Goodsell said...

This is going to be really beautiful! I agree - slow and steady always wins the race :)))
Thanks for stopping by my blog, you have some lovely things on yours too,