Saturday, December 15, 2007

Green Eyed Monster

This time of year no matter how hard I try, the little green eyed monster sits on my shoulder... One blog had pictures of everyone's Fabric Stashes- I am so jealous. My fabric stash is piddly. All I want for Christmas is a great fabric stash!

I have so much shopping to do and I feel very unmotivated and overwhelmed.

I hope this week goes a little better- 9 days til Christmas! UGH!!!
Here are some projects I have finished... whew!


Sarah and Jack said...

Garage sales are a great way to build up your stash, you can buy boxes of fabric at once.

If you have an active freecycle you might find fabric there too, I often give away my overages there.

amandajean said...

thanks for the link to the fabric stashes...that was fun! (I was shocked to see my own stash on someone else's blog, though!)

good luck getting everything done! I can babysit sometime this week, except wednesday. :)

thedomesticdiva said...

Nice gifts!

thanks for linking my site!

Don't takes time to "collect" fabric...several years at the least. And I agree...Freecycle is great for fabric...I give away and get lots with my local group.

Another great place is ebay. For years I've been finding great stuff at bargain basement prices. Just watch the shipping charges.

oh and can Amanda Jean come over and watch my kids, too? LOL

Happy Holidays!

With friendship,