Thursday, October 18, 2007

yarn extravaganza!!!

Wow! I went a little crazy at the thrift shop yesterday!!! I got all this and the bucket for less than $10.

No knitting needles though, I guess I have to go on a goose hunt!

Amandajean restarted me on knitting so I guess I went a little crazy! (no pun intended)

Also, I wonder how many of you have done this? I was so excited to share my blog with my friends so I emailed them with the link. I am making a baby quilt for one of those friends and of course I posted my progress on my blog-- I haven't given it to her yet but she saw it when she checked on my blog! oops! Hopefully lesson learned!!!


amandajean said...

hurray for a yarn stash!

Heidijayhawk said...

awesome yarn! i'm restarting too. it is soooo hard to keep stuff a secret when you want to share your progress!