Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Our trip was so fantastic! The kids had so much fun... E (2) was beaming the whole week and my little guy (6) was a serious daredevil! He is not normally so adventurous so it was fun to see a different side to him. He wanted to go on every rollercoaster and even tried the Tower of Terror! E met every character and raved the whole week about how nice they were to her and how they were her best friends!

It was fun to start our summer vacation with that trip but now we are back to real life!

M2 had soccer yesterday, so we went and E had a melt down because she wasn't playing too. So after soccer off we tread to Parks and Rec. now she too is in soccer. Hopefully, it will tire her out and she'll take longer naps! :)

I just noticed I am creeping up on my 100th post... I better get sewing!


quitecontrary1977 said...

i bet you had a blast there too! i wanna go! why should the fun stop..come over to my blog for my giveaway! hope to see you there! http://nowenteringmomville.blogspot.com

david santos said...

This is fantastic posting!!!